Installation and Repairs

Pump and motors:

Whether your pump is making noises, leaking water, sucking air or not running at all, we can take care of it! We will do full diagnostics on your pool pump and provide the best overall solution to keep your pump functioning at a pristine level.

Salt cell installation/replacement:

Are you considering switching to a Salt Cell Pool? If you have long term plans to stay in your existing home, a salt cell installation could be the perfect answer for you, typically salt cell pools pay for themselves in the first 2-3 years. They are easier to maintain, the water is less harsh and they are more environmentally friendly. Give us a call today and we will provide you with all the information necessary to make the right decision for your pool. Do you have a salt cell installation already? We provide salt cell replacement services as well, please give us a call with any questions you might have about replacing your salt cell.


Plumbing repairs:

The beautiful Arizona sun can be brutal on these components of your pool. If your pool equipment is in direct sunlight, a shaded cover will go a long way in helping your system last longer.

Some common plumbing issues for pools can be…

  • Pump inlet and discharge leaks
  • Backwash valves
  • Ball valves

Our pool techs are experienced professionals in handling all of these common plumbing issues. We will diagnose and provide top notch solutions to keep your pool equipment running without issues!

Underground plumbing repairs:

The last thing you want to have is a plumbing leak with your pool. They can cause structural damage to your pool and even the pool deck. If you see puddles of water by your pool equipment or notice that your pool is losing water, give us a call immediately so we can assess the situation for you before the problem gets worse.

Leak detection service:

A pool leak can be a nightmare if not caught early on. Here are some signs that you could have a leak in your pool

  • Water bill is significantly higher than normal
  • Your pool water level drops more than a 1/4 of inch daily
  • cracks on the plaster or pebble tech of your pool
  • your pump consistently is losing prime

Pebble repair & Resurfacing:

If you notice cracks in your pebble tec or that it is losing pebbles it could be time for a repair or possibly a resurfacing. Give us a call today for a free evaluation.


LED & Halogen Pool light installations:

We can get your pool light up and running in no time so you can get back to enjoy your nighttime swimming quickly.

Heater Installation:

Are you considering adding a heater to your pool? We offer a variety of options that will allow you to enjoy your pool year round! Let Aquatec provide a free quote today!