Special Cleanings & Services

Tile Cleaning

Our non-abrasive media will remove years of hard water calcium buildup, without a worry of ruining your tile or pebble.


Filter Cleaning

Our top down filter cleaning includes filter element cleaning, filter housing inspection, and cleaning and lubricating filter gaskets.

Leak Detection Service

When your pool has a leak, you will notice a drop in water levels, air in your circulation system, and even cracking in the bottom or walls of your pool. If by chance it is an underground leak, we will locate and inspect it to prevent future pipe failures.

Acid/Chlorine Wash

An acid wash can give your pool a fresh and new look. Typically an acid wash is done when the bottom of your pool has started to become stained. You can tell that this is the case when cleaning and vacuuming has been done and it still looks like it could be dirty.


Full Pool Inspection

We provide a thorough inspection of all pool equipment, including pop-up cleaning system & gears, heaters, pumps, motors, and filters for residential and commercial properties. This also includes inspections on pools for Realtors conducting a home sale.

Pool Draining

Whether you need repairs done, a special cleaning, or simply don’t know what to do with the water if you do it yourself, here at Aquatec we offer pool draining.