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We are a one stop shop to all your pool care needs. We specialize in Weekly Service and Maintenance, Pump/Motor Repair and Installation, Pool Remodeling, Tile Repair and Installation, Tile Cleaning, Acid/Chlorine Surface Wash, Pool Draining, Leak detection service, Pebble and Plaster Resurfacing, Deck Repair, In-Floor Cleaning Systems.


Good water clarity is the result of proper filtration, circulation, and water chemistry. Proper filtration is important because it removes contaminants that can promote the growth of bacteria and algae. Filters also remove particles that can make the water cloudy.  Failure to service the filter and remove suspended matter can result in unhealthy and unsafe water as well as increase chemical consumption. Pressure on a dirty filter will also increase and in return reduce the amount of circulation and suction needed to keep your pool clean and clear.

How frequently your filter needs to be dismantled, inspected, and cleaned is dependent upon several factors, including

  • The size of your pool filter
  • The type of pool filter you have
  • The landscaping in the pools environment
  • Bather and contaminant loads

We recommend for most pools complete filter dis-assembly and cleaning every 6 months.


Because of Arizona’s intense weather conditions that increase the evaporation of fresh water in your pool it then results in leaving behind contaminants and by-products of chemicals that will eventually adhere to your pools finish and cause an unhealthy swimming environment. We recommend to have your pool water drained or recycled when certain chemicals exceed appropriate ranges. This can help extend the life of your pool or spas interior finish and ensure safe healthy water.

  • Dependent on the size of your pool where typically recommending draining or recycling your pool water every 2 to 5 yrs on average here in Arizona.
  • Your type of interior finish such as plaster or pebble will dictate the appropriate temperature range recommended for your pool drain.
  • It is not recommended to leave your pool empty for long periods of time . You’d risk causing expensive damage to your swimming pool. The floor, benches, stairs, coping of the pool can crack due to the heat and lack of moisture.

The water here in Arizona is some of the hardest in the country, and you will see evidence of the build up beginning on your decorative pool tile. Your pool needs to be drained periodically in order to get rid of the calcium and hard water build up amongst other


There area host of products on the market for pool interior finishes which include plaster, pebble, or tile options.
Your pool is often the centerpiece of your backyard. While this oasis should be refreshing to swim in, it can also be a work of art to look at when entertaining family and friends. Modernizing your outdoor living space will add value to your home, transforming from dated and dilapidated to a rich and vibrant new paradise.